Appreciated [Let Me Feel]

Appreciated [Let Me Feel] - U never asked me how I feel...

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Appreciated [Let Me Feel] Verse 1: It started with me and u And everythin that we’ve been thru Like the first kiss u have given me The sweetest sin I’ve had in me It felt so right everythin was fine Finally I got to call u mine But several months later Something changed between us Thinkin that we aint gonna last forever Aint gonna be together U started to make me feel so low And unappreciated with tha things im doin for For u Bridge: Whenever u call me to chill, im there But how u treatin me it aint fair I’m doin everythin to be ur gurl And I wanna ask u this baby Chorus: When am I gonna feel so appreciated [so appreciated] When am I gonna feel loved back [by u] Cause baby u changed my life completely And everythin I do is for u and luckily U makin me happy but theres one thing missin Is for me to let me be appreciated By u by u Verse 2: And every single time When we hang out from time to time All u do is talk about urself and telling me ur the best But u made some things left unsaid
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Unformatted text preview: U never asked me how I feel whats wrong with me U just make urself happy Instead of makin me feel better I feel so shattered Its like you dont care at all about me Whenever ur going away, I cry So u wont see that im weak And that Im fine But for real Im not And Bridge Chorus 2x And after Im done helping with ur life U gunna say ur done with me and carry on With ur life And so will i Im tired of cryin over u and feelin like shit I guess Ill never fit To be the gurl ur looking for Can u ask for more Cause every piece will be picked up by someone who will love me More than u did U gunna regret it for not makin me feel appreciated And for makin me be happy again Chorus 4x [Spoken] When will u be that guy That will make me feel [appreciated] And wont let any tears run down my cheeks When will I feel Happy and be cared for how I feel Inside Just to feel appreciated...
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Appreciated [Let Me Feel] - U never asked me how I feel...

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