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Try Me Lyrics - I’m just lovin when ur near me Sayin...

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Try Me Verse 1 Ah Ah Ah I can see what u doin to me Every little good thing u doin I’m lovin baby When u move me around spin me around We takin to anotha next round Baby ur eyes are my desire And u should know that it’s takin us higher Bridge Oh baby I just love wat u doin to me Ur fulfillin all my fantasies When we look at each otha we know wat we want So baby u can Chorus Love me Seduce me Please me Make me feel right Rock me in Tell me If u wanna stay for tha night U makin me feel so hot hot hot Lets go fo another shot shot Don’t be scared To try me Verse 2 Oh oh now where were we
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Unformatted text preview: I’m just lovin when ur near me Sayin things that I wanna hear by da way aren’t u forgettin something baby u mean so much to me when ur around me We need to let da magic begin Right here right now It feels so right Bridge Chorus 2x J-j-just try me D-d-don’t have no fear Baby I’m right here Cant u see see With every position dat we do I cant get enough of u Ur passion, ur desire, ur love It’s so hot, so fresh, worth waitin fo If u just. .. Chorus 6x Oooh yea Just try me Baby Do dis fo me T-t-t-t-try me *Laughter*...
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