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HB 267 Quiz #2 Q. Proper selection of the parts of the promotional plan will consider: A. Media selection and planning B. Unknown response C. Budgeting D. All of the above E. A and C ANSWER: E Q. Newspapers are the primary advertising medium for most table service restaurants. A. True B. False ANSWER: A Q. Households with two or more people earning two paychecks spend more than __________ more than households with one paycheck earner. A. 60% B. 80% C. 40% D. 70% E. 50% ANSWER: C Q. Which of the following statements is true ? A. Children have little influence on the choice families make when eating out. B. One in five of all takeout food customers are considered to be daily users, accounting for 80% of all takeout business. C. For both lunch and dinner meals African-Americans, Hispanics and Asians are less likely to eat out then Caucasians. D. Repeat business accounts for 20-30% of restaurant total revenues. E. Customers from northern states dine out more often than those from other areas of the US.
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