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HB 267 Quiz #6 (Online) ANSWERS Questions online were scrambled so this answer sheet may not match the order of your questions, but the answers are the same. Q1: _____________________ departmentalization occurs when organizational units are defined by the nature of the work being performed. A. Functional B. Product and service C. Geographic D. Customer Q2: Desired results for a definite level of quality for a specified job are termed: A. Job specifications B. Job responsibilities C. Job designs D. Performance standards Q3: The process of obtaining information about jobs by determining what the duties and tasks or activities of those jobs are is termed: A. Job description B. Organizational chart C. Job analysis D. Job specification Q4: Generally the narrower the span of management control: A. The more employees each manager supervises B. The more authority given to each employee C. The more organizational levels that exist D. The more horizontal integration that occurs Q5: In centralized organizations decisions are mostly made:
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plugin-HB_267_Quiz_06_ANGEL_online_Answers_sp10 - HB 267...

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