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ORIE_3150_Homework__12_2009_Answers - ORIE 3150 Homework#12...

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ORIE 3150 Homework #12 Due April 29, 2009 1. Scoremark Store wants to estimate cash disbursements for the first three months of 2008. Estimated cost of goods sold: December: $225,000 January: $250,000 February: $280,000 March: $210,000 35% of the purchases are paid for in the month they are purchased, with the remainder paid the following month. Wages are paid when incurred, and are estimated as: December: $23,000 January: $26,000 February: $31,000 March: $25,000 Other expenses are: Annual Insurance, paid in January, $9,700 New equipment costing $50,000 will be acquired on an capitalized lease in February. The lease payments will $1,500 per month, paid at month end. Income tax of $12,500 will be paid in March. Depreciation expense is $2,500 per month in December and January, increasing to $3,000 per month in February and March. Miscellaneous operating expenses are $2,250 per month, paid in full the month after they are incurred. An arrangement has been made with one of the company’s stockholders to purchase his stock in the company for $75,000 in February. This stock will be held as treasury stock. Find the cash disbursements for January, February and March (report an amount for each month). CGS CPP WAGES INS LEAS E TAX MISC TREA S TOTAL DEC 225000 JAN 250000 233750 26000 9700 2250 271700 FEB 280000 260500 31000 1500 2250 75000 370250 MAR 210000 255500 25000 1500 12500 2250 296750
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2. Neptune Nyquist Electronics makes audio amplifiers for audiophiles using legacy (old, obsolete) components. Specifically, each of their X500 amplifiers requires 2 power supplies, 2 amplifier sections, 4 filters, and 8 rheostats. Neptune Nyquist has found that 92% of the purchased power supplies are functional, thus the yield is 92%. For the purchased amplifiers, 94% are functional.
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ORIE_3150_Homework__12_2009_Answers - ORIE 3150 Homework#12...

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