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Critical Thinking Paper - Running Header CRITICAL THINKING...

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Running Header: CRITICAL THINKING PAPER 1 Critical Thinking Paper MGT/350 Critical thinking enhances a person’s quality of thinking. Casual thinking is less intense and can be quite informal. The way the mind is trained and how it performs with casual thinking is just basic thought without any room for improvement. Critical thinking takes thinking to an all
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Running Header: CRITICAL THINKING PAPER 2 new level. The thinking method takes any problem that may persist and examine it to the fullest. The problem is then sought out a solution or a workable method to be able to handle what the problem is. The relevant information is then processed to recognize the problem and concur what the proper conclusion should be. Critical thinking in not a step by step process. This type of thinking is based on self corrective concepts. This doesn’t involve using common sense but a method of finding the root of the problem and finding a solution through evaluation and credibility. The main idea is to find an answer or solution that not only makes sense but will create a conclusion that is well justified.
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