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Description of Business Macy’s has been a big name in the retail department store for a long time. They first had their start in 1958 by a man named Rowland Hussey Macy . The total sale for the first day of business was 11.06. Although Macy’s originally was a dry goods store, it later transformed into a clothing store. Macy’s has been through many different transitions. One has been all of the companies that Macy’s has moved into. This has made Macy’s one of the largest department stores in the nation. Throughout the years Macy’s has bought out several companies and expanded from its one store to eight hundred and sixty stores. Macy’s have divided these stores into 9 different divisions. Macy’s North is currently the division we are in. The division was set up in February
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Unformatted text preview: of 2006 after a recent buyout of May Department Stores. The stores that May Company operated were Marshall Fields, Famous-Barr , Filene's , Foley's , Hecht's , The Jones Store , Kaufmann's , L. S. Ayres , Meier & Frank , Robinsons-May , and Strawbridge's chains. The store that we are most familiar with is Marshall Fields. This was a very prominent retail store in the upper Midwest. Currently Macy’s North is home to 63 stores. The states that are included within Macy’s North are Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Minnesota, North Dakota, Ohio, South Dakota, Wisconsin. The headquarters are located in the former Dayton’s Flagship Store in downtown Minneapolis, MN on Nicollet mall. Currently Macy’s is a company that transforms...
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