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Blake Sherman College Writing I 09/17/2008 My Dorm Within the last couple of years I have been into many different campuses. On these campuses they all have dorms. All of these dorms have characteristics that separate them from one another. The way that I am able to tell them apart is with my senses. The smells are different, taste of food, the sounds of the room, the things you see in the room, and the feel of the items in the room. All of these contribute to the overall image of the room. The dorm starts out with a big wooden door. The door has an old beaten up whiteboard on it that still has writing on it from the beginning of the year. The door knob is a large metal knob. It is cold to the touch late at night. When the door is swung open it is stopped abruptly by a tiny little rubber stopper. Immediately when looking up you see a RBK hockey stick followed by two Bauer skates. The skates and the stick are hanging on two little brass colored hooks. Directly above that is a sign that reads, “Vans”. It has a deep red color that is very vibrant anytime of the day. When looking past the doorway you look out to the window. There is a little ledge right in front of the window. This ledge has many different items on it. There is a box of Bounce fabric sheets, the main reason that it is there is to help make the room smell like fresh clean laundry. To the right are a bunch of papers and folders. The folders have many different colors including red, blue, black, and green. To the right of the folders there is an old Tupperware
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container with old ramen still left in the bowl. This makes the room smell like stale shrimp that’s been left out for a couple days. To counter attack that, there is a car freshener that smells like a brand spanking new Cadillac. It is lying in front of the window so that the airflow will help circulate it throughout the room. Right beside that there are four cups. Three of the four are white cups that read, “Lakeville Pan-o-Prog”. The cups are from a local parade in Lakeville, MN. These cups are used for drinking from. The fourth cup is used to collect pop tops. The cup is
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describe paper the dorm - Blake Sherman College Writing I...

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