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Science 1120 Physical Science term paper: Spring 2009 Updated: March 1, 2009 Note: The due date for the term paper this semester is April 17, 2009 at 3:00 pm . Absolutely no late papers will be accepted after this date. Term Paper Assignment: The Future of Energy Resources The topics for the term paper is to discuss the future of energy resources including oil, bio-fuels, coal, solar, wind and nuclear power and how they are used or might be used in Minnesota explicitly. You need to select one type of alternative such as wind power and discuss how it might be developed in Minnesota. Does Minnesota have the capacity to develop this type of energy resource? Also discuss the advantages and disadvantages to the state’s economy for the type of energy you pick. Please include your own personal experience. As an example if you select wind power and a wind turbine is located near your hometown discuss how your community is using the power. You have some different areas on this topic that you can discuss; you do not have to include all of the above, but do keep the future of a specific type of energy resource as your main idea. You need to include evidence that supports your argument. You need to include at least 4 distinct references in your paper. Contact me if you have any questions concerning this
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sciencepaper - Science 1120 Physical Science term paper:...

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