Current Topics in Biophysics 2090 PART 2

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SC/BPHS 2090 2.0 Current Topics in Biophysics (2009): Syllabus (Lew) page 2 of 2 3. Osmotic pressure and permeability Olive oil partitioning and membrane permeability reveal the properties of the plasma membrane, but also offer insight into osmotic gradients and the flow of water across membranes. Osmotic pressure measurements of permeability recall the thermodynamic underpinnings of Einstein’s explanation of Brownian motion. Lecture III. M OLECULAR M OTORS A. Cellular Movement 4 1. Reynold’s number: Laminar and turbulent flow 2. Viscosity and drag Small sizes, low velocities and viscosity create a very different physical ‘universe’ for small versus large organisms. B. Bacterial Motility 5 1. Rotatory engines 2. Chemiosmotics (energetics) Vectorial movement of hydronium ions passing through the stator/rotor causes rotatory motion of the flagella and thus bacterial motility. Addendum Lecture Lecture IV. E LECTRICAL L IFE A. Ions in Aqueous Solutions 6 1. Charge density and solvation energies
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