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Current Topics in Biophysics 2090 PART 1

Current Topics in Biophysics 2090 PART 1 - SC/BPHS 2090 2.0...

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SC/BPHS 2090 2.0 Current Topics in Biophysics (2009): Syllabus (Lew) page 1 of 2 Revised: 21 July 2009 Lecture I. G ROWTH AND F ORM A. Allometry 1 1. growth and life cycle 2. dimensional analysis The relations between organismal size, life cycle and physiological function (metabolism, etc.) will be introduced to form a general overview of the physical envelope of organismal life. B. Biomechanical Constraints on Growth and Form 2 1. the height of a jump 2. the height of a tree The relations of force and motion will be explored in the context of ‘defying’ gravity (to explain why fleas and humans are able to jump to the same height). The height of a tree relates to growing high to optimize light collecting for photosynthesis, the strength of materials and how they limit height, and the need to supply water to the topmost regions of the tree, all constrained by physical limits. Lecture II. M OLECULAR M OTION ( Lecture II will be omitted if time is short ) A. Brownian Motion 3 1. Einstein’s explanation of Brownian motion a. thermodynamics
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