SAMPLE ASSIGNMENT - of bone may be useful hopefully such measurements are available on the web • Please try and avoid invoking abnormal

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SC/BIOL 2090.02 — Current Topics in Biophysics 24 September 2009 A SSIGNMENT O NE Proportion and Scaling of a 10-fold taller human If a human being were 10 times taller than normal (and all other proportions were increased by the same amount), would the human be able to bear its weight? Or would the proportions have to change, and if so, how and to what extent? Hints • I suspect that the ability of the leg bones to support the additional weight would be a limiting factor. I also wonder whether the neck bones would be able to bear the weight of the head. • Simplifying the geometry (to either cylinders or rectangles) may be useful in your analyses. • ‘Real’ measurements of the compressive strength
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Unformatted text preview: of bone may be useful; hopefully such measurements are available on the web. • Please try and avoid invoking abnormal geometries like a cone. Instead, try and stay as close as you can to a ‘human’ shape. Guidelines I expect that students may wish to work together on the assignment, that is fine, but, be sure that your assignment is in your own words. Remember that you have to explain your answers with sufficient clarity, so that a non-physicist like Dr. Lew will understand them. He often finds diagrams helpful and is obsessed with ensuring that the units work, so showing the units is obligatory. Excessive length is not encouraged....
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