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PHYS 2213 3.0 Experimental Physics Note: PHYS 2211 1.0 (Fall=Electromagnetism) and PHYS 2212 1.0 (Winter=Optics) share the laboratory portions of this course. Note: The first lab (Lab0=Oscilloscope) will take place in the first week of classes! Lab 1 on Sept 14. The first lecture in PHYS 2213 3.0 happens on Sept 15, and bi-weekly from then on. The topics will be posted below. Texts: For the laboratory you need to download and print the lab manuals (pdf). You must bring the write-up to the lab, and you must pre-read it. This is true for 2213 and 2211 (or 2212) students. For the lecture part (2213 only): you need the book by John R. Taylor: An Introduction to Error Analysis. We will cover material from the first half, the second half is used in PHYS 3220 3.0. You will be given assignments for hand-in, which will make up 20% of the course grade. Marking Scheme: A pure laboratory course is more time consuming than a lecture course! The reward is a good grade if you do your work. The lab work is done in pairs (one student keeps a record of the data taken). Both students hand in independent lab write-ups based on the same data. A copy of the data sheets will be attached as an appendix (to both reports). You may want to use a booklet rather than loose leafs for the data taking. The labs can be done within the 3-hour slot. The labs happen on a WEEKLY basis. 10 Labs (plus Lab0) = 70% for 2213 students, 20% from 5 assignments, 10% for participation (see below). Then the same for the winter part 2212. 10 Labs (plus Lab0) = 85% for 2211 students, 15% for participation (see below). Report Style: The lab reports are due the week following the lab at the beginning of the lab session. Labs handed in later than within the first 10 minutes of the lab session will be date-stamped with a 10%/day late penalty. The lab manual asks questions for each lab. These questions should be addressed in the report.
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This note was uploaded on 10/25/2010 for the course PHYS 2213 taught by Professor Hor. during the Spring '10 term at Maple Springs Baptist Bible College.

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website - http:/ PHYS...

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