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HW1_updated - IEOR E4000 Production Management Assignment...

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IEOR E4000: Production Management Assignment 1 (updated version): Due Lecture 5 (September 22) Notes Each assignment must be submitted at the beginning of the class it is due. A late submission incurs a penalty of 25% times the number of days you are late. However, no submissions will be accepted beyond 48 hours (exactly 2 days) after the time the assignment is due. You are allowed to discuss the assignment with others but the write-up must be individual work. Please mention in your write-up if you have discussed the solution with someone. For each homework, a random selection of exercises will be graded, and the others only briefly scanned. However, the solution will be provided for all exercises. Homework Exercises 1. The Bronx Zoo requires a prodigious amount of vegetables to feed its herbivorous animals, some 900 , 000 lbs of it each year. Despite the past year having a record-high number of visitors, the zoo is looking to cut expenses. One area of concern is the cost of procuring and storing vegetables.
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