Mesmer_W_w1_Discussion - Motivational & Interdependence...

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Mesmer_W_w1_Discussion A HIGH SCHOOL OR COLLEGE CAMPUS SHOOTING Individual approach applied to Frustration-aggression The individual approach to analysis of Frustration-aggression is going to be needed because it “is typically used by clinical and personality psychologist, to explain behavior in terms of a person’s unique life history and psychological characteristics. According to this viewpoint, personality traits and motives can explain why individuals behave as they do, and why two people react differently to the same situation” (Taylor, Peplau, & Sears, 2006 p. 3-4). This of course would lead to an analysis of frustration- aggression in the shooter, but not necessarily in the individuals that were chosen as the focus of the aggression. In the case of mass shootings on campuses there is always a common denominator. The shooting was focused at certain individuals and the attacks were ‘apparently’ spontaneous. Of course the usual questions arise after every incident. “What was wrong with the shooter?”
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Mesmer_W_w1_Discussion - Motivational & Interdependence...

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