Mesmer_W_w2_Discussion - Mesmer_W_w2_Discussion I was...

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Mesmer_W_w2_Discussion I was looking for employment in the custom millworks trade some years ago fresh out of a 2 year apprenticeship at a high end elevator interior company. I had heard through contacts that a company named D&P (Design & Production) was looking for a new lead cabinet maker to forward the design/build of massive 100' long environmentally controlled display cases for the US Museum of Natural History in Washington DC. I had the qualifications but not the experience that was probably being sought after yet I applied anyways. The list of global projects that had been produced over the 48 years the company had been in business was stunning and to place such a reference on your resume could only be considered a good thing. Pay was excellent, twice what the competition was offering, and exposure was assured. I had a ‘proto-type’ and created a ‘schema’ of how wonderful it must be to work with
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This note was uploaded on 10/25/2010 for the course PSYCHOLOGY PSYC-2005 taught by Professor Dr.deborahdavenport during the Summer '09 term at Walden University.

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Mesmer_W_w2_Discussion - Mesmer_W_w2_Discussion I was...

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