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Mesmer_W_w3_Discussion POLITICAL PERSUASION TECHNIQUES AND ATTITUDE FORMATION: Every 4 years we hold general elections, and in between we hold congressional elections for offices within our Government. The amount of pressure to gain favor within the general population is tremendous as candidates tack and jive for political positioning throughout the years leading up to the elections. If you think that these men and women are representing their own beliefs and moral fortitude then think again. “Politicians understand how critical it is to gain voter confidence and how to persuade constituents to agree with them. They hire speech writers that are media experts in persuasive writing and media techniques. This is sometimes considered political propaganda, but it all relates to the power of persuasion. Some of these political persuasion techniques are designed to get attention and establish trust in the audience before introducing other messages. Being aware of persuasive communication techniques
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Mesmer_W_w3_Discussion - Mesmer_W_w3_Discussion POLITICAL...

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