Mesmer_W_w5_Discussion - Power and Conflict:...

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Unformatted text preview: Power and Conflict: Mesmer_W_w5_Discussion Power: I t has been socially acceptable for men to take the lead in matters concerning the family throughout the world since the beginning of time. Only within the last 80 years have these social norms been challenged within our society and others throughout the world, and in some cases with a great deal controversy. I am of the firm belief that a healthy relationship needs equality as to the decision making concerning the family as a whole, but there are still very important rolls for the man that should not be abrogated. To do so would effectively emasculate the man and send false male/female societal roll signals to the children. Traditional rolls for the man and for the woman help to shape a child’s identity and therefore a positive reinforcement as to who they are within any society. In the case involving the eldest son of the Singh family, and his subsequent confusion in school I would have to conclude that the cultural shock of making friends in a completely different society...
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Mesmer_W_w5_Discussion - Power and Conflict:...

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