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Mesmer_W_w6_Discussion Conformity, Compliance and Obedience although similarly related in many ways are in fact 3 separate responses to direct or indirect stimuli of others. I find that many confuse the nature of each as a separate entity which dictates the proper response leading to incorrect decision making. I have chosen to relate an interesting topic for this discussion concerning the rule of law (obedience) that all American’s have agreed to live by as citizens. We all understand that there are many laws to which we subjugate ourselves to every day. We agree to live by a certain standard of social behavior. Yet, we can plainly see that many people choose to live outside the rule of our laws and a disturbing trend begins to appear that the stereotypical individual is not the person who is breaking the law. Today, it has come to the attention of many American’s that those who are guilty of the most egregious crimes are those that believe they are above the law in many respects. I am talking about hose, who we
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