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1401 Spring Rev of Lec April 30 10 - 1800’s?idk I believe...

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Review of Lecture April 30 I. CO 2 Enrichment of the Atmosphere A. The Positive Effects of Elevated CO 2 on Plants 1. Will elevated CO 2 help both C 3 and C 4 plants to assimilate somewhat more CO 2 during water deficit stress? yes 2. What is one problem for some plants, especially in natural ecosystems, that causes them to exhibit a less positive response than expected when grown under elevated CO 2 conditions ? Some just acclimate to the increased levels B. The Effect of Elevated CO 2 on Earth’s Temperature and Climate . 1. Has the average earth temperature for the last few years been higher or lower than that estimated for the past 2000 years? higher 2. What are the three major factors that affect the average earth’s temperature? a. What was a likely cause of the “Little Ice Age” climate in the 1600’s through the
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Unformatted text preview: 1800’s? ?idk I believe maybe air streams, precipitation, and geographic layout like mountains and such lol,The amount of volcanic activity blocked a lot of solar energy. 3. Remember that the amount of water in the air has a major influence on the daily average temperatures . a. What, then, is the effect of increasing atmospheric CO 2 on those temperatures over a period of time? The increase of certain gases like CO2 help absorb some of the radiation that the earth is trying to release and returns the radiation back to the earth and reduces it’s rate of cooling. 4. Do computer models that simulate earth temperatures taking into account anthropogenic factors come close to predicting the actual average temperature change over the last ~100 years? yes...
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