Chapter 9 HDD Technologies

Chapter 9 HDD Technologies - Chapter 9 HDD Technologies I....

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Unformatted text preview: Chapter 9 HDD Technologies I. Runs a. Groups of fluxes I I. RLL a. b. Run- Length Limited One combination will represent a larger string i. ii. Abbreviated code Up to 7 of them I I I. PRML a. b. Partial Response Maximum Likelihood Looks at the code and takes a best guess for the flux reversal recording IV. Perpendicular a. V. Fluxes are stored vertically rather than forward and backward PIO mode a. Programmed I/O addressing i. ii. Traditional I/O addressing scheme CPU talks directly to the HDD 1. 2. Via BIOS CPU gets data from RAM VI. DMA a. Direct Memory Access b. VI I. V I I I. a. Enable HDD Talk directly to RAM ATA IDE and EIDE are used interchangeably Logical Block Addressing HDD lies to computer about geometry i. Through advanced type of sector translation Translation IX. Sector a. When data was being transferred to and from the drive, the onboard circuitry of the drive translated the logical geometry into the physical geometry X. ATAPI a. b. Advanced Technology Attachment Packet Interface Allows non- HDD drives to connect using the ATA interface 3 XI. ATA a. Added S.M.A.R.T technology i. Self monitoring analysis and Report Technology 1. Helps predict when a HDD is going to fail XI I. a. ATA – 4 Introduced Ultra DMA i. Primary way HDD communicates with the PC INT 13 Extensions XI I I. a. b. c. Developed by Phoenix Technologies Broke 8.4 GB barrier Ignored CHS values d. XIV. a. Created 137 GB limit ATA 7 Serial ATA ATA XV. Serial a. b. c. Does away with the master and slave concept Each drive connects to one port Data transfers 30 times faster than pata i. 1.5Gb and 3GB ...
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Chapter 9 HDD Technologies - Chapter 9 HDD Technologies I....

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