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Chapter 14 Command Line Interface

Chapter 14 Command Line Interface - IV Switches and Syntax...

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Chapter 14 Command Line Interface I. Command Line a. Powerful quick elegant tool for working on a pc b. Get jobs done quicker by typing c. Doesn’t take much of the system’s resources d. Always focused on a specific folder i. Commands are performed on the files on the folder II. Accessing the Command line a. Start Run CMD III. File names and file formats a. Files are stored on the HDD in binary format b. ASCII i. American Standard code for information interchange ii. is a character encoding based on the English alphabet iii. first universal file format c. long file names i. used to retain backwards compatibility 1. automatically creating two names for every file d. C:\ i. Describes root directory
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ii. Assigned to the primary HDD e. Unicode i. ASCII could not do ii. Had 256 characterss to be backwards compatible with the ASCII
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Unformatted text preview: IV. Switches and Syntax a. Switches i. Letters that bring up modifications to the commands b. Syntax i. The proper way to write a command V. DIR command a. Shows contents of the directory VI. The CD command a. CD or Chdir b. Enables you to change the focus of the command prompt to a different directory VII. Moving between drives a. To move between drive i. Type letter and a colon VIII. Making Directories a. MD or (MKDIR) to make directory IX. Wildcards a. one of two special characters, asterisk (*) and question mark (?), that can be used in place of all or part of a filename b. to enable a command-line command to act on more than one file at a time X. Copy Command a. Used for move and copy b. Copy /? For help c. Dir copy destination XI....
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