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Chapter 15

Chapter 15 - Chapter 15 Sound Chapter WAV WAV Sound travels...

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Unformatted text preview: Chapter 15 Sound Chapter WAV WAV Sound travels in Waves WAV is short for waveform • WAV must be converted to 1’s and 0’s To be saved by the PC Waveform rate measured in Kilohertz • Thousand times per second • The PC sound Usually ranges from 11 to 44KHz MIDI MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface) Designed for musicians to create, store, and play many different instruments Each instrument called voice Functions like sheet music • What note to play • How long to play it MIDI Cont. MIDI MIDI’s capacity smaller than WAV’s capacity Waveform stores the frequency • Midi only stores the music notes Sound Cards Sound Gives computer ability to output sound Ability to record and play both midi and waveform files Enables recording via a Microphone Originally sound cards could only support 2 speakers Modern cards can support 3 to 5 speakers Speakers Speakers Enables PC sound to be output Have built in amplifiers signal output through a mini audio connector • Require AC adapter or battery for power Microphone Microphone Microphones connect to soundcard via a mini audio connector Microphones often require batteries to work • Same as the speakers connector Line in/ Line out Line Allows sound card to receive both input and output signals Line In allows Sound card to take information from CD player, radios, and Line out allows sound to be output to an external device • • Speakers Stereo CD Media Connected using an ATAPI link 40 pin connection did not handle sound • A special audio connector is required • ATA attachment • Used to separate I/O addresses CD­ROM drives can be connected the expansion bus Windows Media Player • Sound is selected • Sound file is loaded into RAM • When play is seleted CD Media Continued CD Sound is loaded to The expansion bus • Sent to the sound card MIDI Joystick MIDI MIDI can connect other MIDI devices Connects via a 15 pin DB connector Device Drivers Device Sound cards have complicated device drivers Newer windows OS will find device drivers • • • • Win 9x Win 2000 Win XP Win Vista • They have multiple functions Device Manager Device Will find any recognized device Shows how windows sees the devices Displays items attached to the computer • By windows 2000 • Windows XP Control Panel Control Used to test speakers Used to set volume levels Troubleshooting sound Troubleshooting Physical • Check connections • Check the volume controls • Check cable Driver Abuse Cracks • Ensure driver is installed properly • Reinstall driver Drivers Drivers Issues freqently occur MP3 • Reinstallation solves this • WAV file compressed Using Fraunhofer IIS compresssion Applications use drivers to decode sound files for playback ...
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