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Notes chap 3 A+ - b Can send data twice as fast i Do 2...

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Notes I. AMD 3D now competitor to MMX II. Intel Celeron (Pent. II) originally didi not have L2 cache a. Not recommended to run L2 cache b. 1 st  Celerons were SEC i. Called SEP Single Edge Processor III. SIMD - Single Instruction, Multiple Data a. SIMD IV. Slot  A  for AMD a. For Athlon V. Make chart for AMD vs. Intel VI. Doubled pumped Front side bus a. Doubled the data rate without increasing the clock speed
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Unformatted text preview: b. Can send data twice as fast i. Do 2 things in one cycle VII. Superscalar a. The ability to run more than 1 process at any one clock cycle VIII. System Management Mode a. Allows CPU to shut off peripherals not being used IX. Page 118 a. Practice questions...
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