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The Expansion bus

The Expansion bus - 3 Enable third party to copy bus...

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1. The Expansion Bus allows you to move data from the CPU to the other components on your motherboard; such as the RAM, the monitor, keyboard, and soundcard. The Expansion Bus is made up of electrical Pathways. The Expansion bus runs at the speed of the expansion bus crystal. The Expansion Bus originally started out slow because companies were worried about Compatibility; thus the creation of the Expansion Bus Crystal. Expansion cards connect to your computer via the External Data Bus. a. PCI (Peripheral Component Interconnect) i. Predecessor of the Expansion BUS ii. Created by Intel iii. Attaches peripheral devices iv. 32 bits b. 16-bit ISA (Industry Standard Architecture) i. Originated as an 8-bit system 1. Created by IBM 2. Originally called PC BUS 3. Later changed to ISA ii. Intel developed 16 bit iii. AT BUS 1. Intel advanced Technology 2. Ran at a top speed of 8.33 MHz
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Unformatted text preview: 3. Enable third party to copy bus architecture, retained patent rights iv. EISA 1. Extended Industry standard architecture 2. Ting the bus32-bit model 3. Extends the AT Bus 4. Favored by manufactures. a. Proprietary nature of MCA v. IRQ 1. Interrupt Request 2. Refers to the act of interrupting the Bus lines 3. Every device needs an IRQ 4. No two devices can share the same IRQ 5. Interrupt lines are often identified by an index with the format of IRQ followed by a number 6. When Installing and removing devices the System relies on interrupt request 7. When interrupt wire is charged CPU will stop and deal with the device 8. The 8259 hooked into the INT wire of the CPU a. The other eight wires were called interrupt request 9. Most of the IRQ wires were dedicated to certain devices 10....
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The Expansion bus - 3 Enable third party to copy bus...

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