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hw-421-s06-07 - ECE 421 Spring 2006 HW Assignment#7 Due...

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ECE 421, Spring 2006, HW Assignment #7 Due Thursday, March 9, 2006 1. In the .zip fi le there are 4 MATLAB .m fi les: (a) hw_421_s06_07.m (b) root_locus.m (c) breakpts.m (d) plotax.m 2. Extract the MATLAB fi les from the .zip fi le and store them in your working MATLAB directory. You will need to be using a version of MATLAB that has the Control Systems Toolbox for this assignment. 3. In MATLAB, run the fi le ‘hw_421_s06_07’. You only need to type in the fi le name at the command prompt and hit Enter. The program will execute and return 9 fi gures, each fi gure having two subplots. These plots are the root locus plots for the transfer
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