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Ethernet Global Data Notes Current versions of KEPServerEX (tested on v4.180.338) 11/22/2006 Document v1.01 Introduction This document covers the setup and configuration of a project using the GE-Fanuc 90-30 PLC, KEPServerEX, VersaPro, and the GE Ethernet Global Data drivers, as well as basic information concerning Ethernet Global Data. Ethernet Global Data Ethernet Global Data (EGD) is a communications protocol developed by GE in 1998. Ethernet Global Data (EGD) allows a device (the Producer) to transfer data to other devices (the Consumers) on the network. Applications requiring high-speed networking and coordination from PLC to PLC, or PLC to GE Variable Frequency Drives, can take advantage of EGD. Ethernet Global Data is up to 10 times more efficient on bandwidth utilization than the normal polling system. Configuring EGD in VersaPro (tested using VersaPro v2.01) 1. Launch VersaPro. Click File | New Folder. Name your project, and then click Finish. If you have an existing project, click File | Open Folder. 2. The hardware modules on the 90-30 PLC must be configured correctly first. This is done in the Hardware Configuration Utility included with VersaPro. Double-click on Hardware Configuration in the Folder Browser. You should see a window that resembles this. KTAN-90008 Page 1 of 6
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Double-click each module to configure. The most important configuration is the CPU. In the Ethernet tab of the CPU configuration window, the following parameters need to be configured: adapter name, IP address, subnet mask, gateway IP address, and status address. The adapter name is used to identify the PLC during EGD configuration in VersaPro, and may be any
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KTAN90008_EGD_Guide - Ethernet Global Data Notes Current...

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