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Matt Burke Writing 140: Section 64610 Rory Lukins 4/26/87 Assignment #3 The Increased Concentration of Immigrants Threatening the American Culture The steady increase, uncontrolled and unwatched by the United States, of immigrants entering the borders from Latin America is an unforeseen threat to America’s national identity. New immigrants from Latin America continue to reject the key values of America’s culture: “English language; religious commitment; English concepts of the rule of law, including the responsibility of rulers and the rights of individuals; the work ethic, and the belief that humans have the ability and the duty to try to create a heaven on earth” and specifically the rejecting the English language (Huntington). Because of the high concentration of immigrants in certain areas, specifically California and the American Southwest the immigrants are losing the incentive to learn English and continue to maintain their Spanish and Hispanic heritage increasing linguistic diversity within the United States. This poses a threat to America’s national culture and political integrity because immigrants no longer must assimilate to American culture. For Hispanics and Mexicans, the assimilation process has taken a far longer time and in some areas is not even taking place. Currently Mexicans and Hispanics are not assimilating quickly or effectively to the American culture and “the lags in Mexican assimilation are clearly visible in current American social statistics. Language, education, occupation and income, citizenship, intermarriage, and identity are key criteria that can be used to gauge assimilation, and in these areas Mexicans generally lag behind other immigrants, past and present” (Huntington). The result is a threat to the national culture
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of American and its political integrity because as new immigrants see the current immigrants not assimilating and they think that it is not necessary for them to assimilate further widening the gap. The result of this is their slow assimilation and especially their willingness and ability to retain the English language. Because they are living in communities made up of mostly immigrants there is little incentive to learn English, when they can all speak Spanish. However this directly affects the stability of the national culture because it is creating a co-culture and identity within the United States. “The U.S. Founding Fathers considered the dispersion of immigrants essential to their assimilation… the more
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