Assignment #4- withdrawing troops

Assignment #4- withdrawing troops - Matt Burke Writing 140:...

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Matt Burke Writing 140: Section 64610 Rory Lukins 4/26/07 Assignment #4 Consequences of Withdrawing from Iraq The discourse of terrorism continues to be a conflict in American politics. On the issue of the “Global War on Terror” many Americans choose to support one of two sides. One side chooses to argue that the war in Iraq needs to end, that the troops in Iraq must be withdrawn and to get out of Iraq before more of our troops die for a wasted cause. The other side argues that more troops are necessary to subdue the Iraqi militants and fighting. and the real key to ending the war in Iraq is a small increase in troops to help cleanly transfer the power back over to the Iraqis in a slow controlled process. There is a potential for a civil war leaving thousands of people dead. The Sunnis and the Shiites are on the verge of a full on war against each other and right now the only thing preventing from that happening is the United States military presence within Iraq. A civil war would leave the Middle East in turmoil and turn the Middle East into an even more uncontrolled area. And because of this looming spectra of civil war and the restless American public the consequences of withdrawing from Iraq, is the most morally contentious and controversial issues in current American politics. Despite the concerns of the public for the troops in Iraq, the American government is morally obligated to prevent such a war. The split between the Sunni’s and the Shiites will continue to grow with other countries supporting one or the other creating the possibility of a major civil war in the Middle East. Chuck Freilich, a former deputy national security adviser in Israel, states “If the U.S. withdraws without achieving even a minimalist definition of ‘success’, Iraq will deteriorate into ever worsening violence and may splinter into its component parts”
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(Freilich). The consequences of withdrawing would be detrimental for Iraq causing
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Assignment #4- withdrawing troops - Matt Burke Writing 140:...

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