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January 23, 2007 Writing 140 Cisneros Essay The Cultural Miscommunication between Spanish and English People, races, schools, countries and civilizations have been going through cultural interaction since humans have been on Earth. There have been no instances in history where one culture is not influenced at all by another because no one culture has been completely isolated. Language is one integral part of a culture that makes it difficult to become completely knowledgeable of another. It would be hard to be in the American culture and to say that you are also have the ability to assimilate completely into the Japanese culture without having to have lived there for a very long time. You cannot just study it within the United States and know everything about the culture once you get there. By living in Japan a long time one is able to develop the phonemes that are in the Japanese language that most Americans cannot speak because they have not grown up speaking those sounds. Likewise a Japanese person will have a better chance of knowing the American culture, if he or she lives here and develops the ability to know the different meanings of words that sound alike and the complexities of the English language. All though these are specific examples language plays a unique but strong role in cultural interaction. In “ Bien Pretty,” the cultural miscommunication is caused by words that do not translate from English to Spanish and vice versa showing Cisneros is aware that there is a cultural divide between Lupe and Flavio because they cannot communicate together suggesting the language difference cannot be overcome without becoming culturally immersed which causes a deeper level of cultural understanding. Neither Flavio nor Lupe have been completely immersed into the other’s culture
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Cisneros essay - Matt Burke Writing 140 Cisneros Essay The...

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