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PPD Final - PPD Final How does living on the margins affect...

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PPD Final How does living on the margins affect choices about housing, transportation, jobs and healthcare? How are these issues inter-related? - housing is the principal source of disruption in their lives (POOR) - living in the parking lot of the hearthside hotel - sharing trailers for 170 a week - living on a 20 foot boat What are the special costs for the poor that Ehrenreich describes and how do they impact the ability of the working poor to save and move into the middle class? Special Cost for the Poor - small things hurt big o $30 for benadryll for a rash o trouble getting food stamps o drug test detox is 49.95 - healthcare o poor health o dental - 1 st and last months rent deposit - transportation trade offs o pay for car o no car o public transportation o pay more to lilve closer to work - food prep/ quality o poor food o eat poorly o contributes to poor health - Special costs make it nearly impossible to move to the middle class because they have zero money left over to save or move up in society - Making 6-8 dollars an hour 8 hours a day for 6 to 7 days a week. Maximum of about 350 bucks a month after taxes - How can they move up when some are paying 240 a month to stay in a hotel because they don’t have a car to get to work. Many have to get 2 jobs and still can’t make ends meet. What are the primary policy tools offered by New Governance theory? What is the difference between privatization and the competition model? What are applied examples of each? New governance - public sector - non profit - service providers - private for profit - private philanthropic organizations
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Leaves a void in the middle because the government isn’t doing it anymore - relationship to charity and tax giving - higher the tax rate the more you give to charity - lower the tax rate the less youre giving to charity new governance theory redefines principals and agents on a macro level. Local networks have the potential to enhance accountability if principals and agents
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PPD Final - PPD Final How does living on the margins affect...

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