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proposal rewrite

proposal rewrite - Matt Burke PPD 240 Term Paper Proposal...

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Matt Burke February 10, 2008 PPD 240 Term Paper Proposal Question: How do the proposed changes on the Visa Program and immigration reform affecting the ability to gain citizenship for legal immigrants and migrant workers? In a recent press conference made by Department of Homeland Security Secretary Chertoff, Department of Labor Secretary Chao and Department of Agriculture Deputy Secretary Conner, they announced a proposed plan that would improve the United States agriculture industry by improving the temporary visa system for legal foreign workers. Currently there are about 1.2 million hired agriculture workers and it is estimated that between 600,000 and 800,000 are undocumented workers. Farmers are allowed to hire foreing temporary workers to harvest their crops during the peak seasons through the H- 2A Visa Program. And even though this program is uncapped, employers only hired around 75,000 H-2A workers in 2007.President Bush reviewed this program and with the
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  • Fall '07
  • Agarwal
  • Immigration to the United States, United States Department of Homeland Security, Human migration, Citizenship and Immigration Services, labor secretary chao

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