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©Diane E. Yoder Do Not Cite or Reproduce Conflicts of Interest 1 Type Conflict Description Possible Remedy Financial Gain Bribery Accepting money, valuables, or “favors” in return for overtly granting special concessions or favors to the gift-giver None Gifts or Other Benefits Similar to bribery, but less overt. Accepting gifts or things like Laker tickets, entertainment from citizens who hope to curry favor, or using employer’s equipment/supplies for personal use Follow employer’s guidelines, disclosure, 2 ask for a 3 rd -party evaluation 3 Financial Gain Gaining financially because of decisionmaking power or position of “government authority” (e.g., if a PA bought real estate from unknowing citizens in advance of a government buyout at a higher rate or buying stock in a weapons manufacturing company that will soon be awarded a government contract) Disclosure, trust for assets managed by disinterested party, recusal from decisionmaking Abuse of Power Influence Peddling or
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