PPD 417 NOTES - PPD417NOTES9/9 Themes(ongoinglist 18:12:00...

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PPD 417 NOTES 9/9 09/09/2009 18:12:00 Themes (on going list) Orthogonal design (grid) Public space Development Planned cities Urban/urbanization Organic Planned/unplanned Change/development New Towns Square Evolution of garden and park design Influences of Greek Culture Twin focus of Greek urban development: civic center (agora) and  cultural/religious center (acropolis) Consistent use of grid from the beginning of the 5 th  century BC Contrast between planned urban form in colonies, new towns, and  redeveloped city districts (example: Miletus, designed by Hippodamus; and  organic growth patterns (Athens) Colonizing Movement Rome The colonizing efforts of the Romans Castrum: Military camp 
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o all their colonies were built from o always rectilinear; built from the center out o Walled with towers o Interval: cleared space inside the wall (intervallum) for storage and  access o Service roads o Streets: main street (N-S, wide) o Marketplace:  half way into interior during peaceful times Influences of Roman Culture Increase in technical and engineering expertise (aqueduct system, expansive  road system Castra designed for defensive military efficiency as well as expansion in  future Colonization over long period (750 BCE – 400 CE) resulted in growth of  castra into new towns as local people moved in Bastide   Fortified new towns Treaty of Paris 1229 Permitted Raymond VII of Toulouse to build new towns in his shattered  domains, but could not fortify them. Developing right at the end of the feudal period, and moving off the farm to a  bastide granted them freedom. Taxes were generated from market revenues
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PPD 417 NOTES - PPD417NOTES9/9 Themes(ongoinglist 18:12:00...

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