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Crim Review Sheet #2 - Chapter 7 What is the demographic...

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Chapter 7 What is the demographic make-up of police officers? Police were traditionally composed of white males with a high school education, who viewed policing as a secure position that brought them respect of family and friends and a step up the social ladder. What are the challenges faced by female and minority officers? The role of women in policing remains restricted by social and administrative barriers. Job Performance Females are highly successful on the job Gender Conflicts Only 1/3 of male officers accept a woman on patrol and more than half do not believe that a woman can handle the physical requirements as well as a man. An effort has been underway for the past 20 years to increase the number of minorities in the police force to create a more balanced force that represents the community. AFFIRMATIVE ACTION What are the educational requirements of police departments? 98% of local PD’s have an education requirement for new recruits, and most recognize the importance of education in promotion decisions. - 15% have some college requirement - 9% require a two-year degree - About 1/3 of all officers work in departments that have some type of college requirement ( 3x that from 1990 ) Most departments express a preference for criminal justice majors, usually because of their enhanced knowledge of the entire criminal justice system and issues in policing What are the benefits of hiring educated police officers? - Better communication with the public (minorities/ethnic groups) - More likely to be promoted - Write reports more efficiently—clear, effective - Perform more effectively, fewer citizen complaints, more initiative, act more professionally What is the “Blue Curtain”? The secretive, insulated police culture that isolates officers from the rest of society. Cynicism, Clannishness, Secrecy
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Police Subculture Thin Blue Line What are the core beliefs/values of the police culture? -
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Crim Review Sheet #2 - Chapter 7 What is the demographic...

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