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Crim Review Sheet #3 - Chapter 8 Whatisasearchwarrant? An...

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Chapter 8 What is a search warrant? An order, issued by a judge, directing officers to conduct a search of specified premises for specified objects or persons and to bring these before the courts How is it issued? - Issued only after police agents can show in court that they had probable cause to believe that an offense has been or is being committed - Police officer must offer a sworn testimony that the facts on which the request for the search warrant is made are trustworthy and true - If the judge issues the warrant, it will authorize police officers to search for particular objects, at a specific location, at a certain time. What are the three (3) elements that the 4 th  amendment contains that protect members of  the public against intrusions of their privacy and shape the issuance of warrants? - Reasonableness o The officer must have a reasonable suspicion that a person has violated the law before the search o The scope of the search must be reasonably related to its objectives and not excessively intrusive - Particularity o A warrant must state precisely where the search is to take place and what items are to be seized - Probable Cause o The reasonable belief that a crime has been committed and that the person, place, or object to be searched and/or seized is linked to the crime with a reasonable degree of certainty What is hearsay evidence? Testimony that is not firsthand but relates information told by a second party
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Crim Review Sheet #3 - Chapter 8 Whatisasearchwarrant? An...

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