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Unformatted text preview: TC 9-524 Chapter 9 MILLING-GRINDING-DRILLING AND SLOTTING ATTACHMENT (VERSA-M IL) GENERAL DESCRIPTION The milling-grinding-drilling and slotting attachment is commonly referred to as a Versa-Mil. It is a compact, portable unit capable of doing many machining operations that normally require expensive single-purpose machines. With the different attachments that are available with the unit, drilling, shaping, milling, and grinding can be performed quickly and inexpensively. This self-powered, vertical-feed, variable-speed precision tool may be mounted in any position on the carriage, table, ram , turret, or tool arm of other machine tools. With a two-directional feed table, the Versa-Mil unit becomes a complete machining tool for bench or inplace machining of parts too large to be moved or held in conventional machine tools. USES An important factor in the efficiency of the Versa-Mil is that machine tools already in the shop area provide the power for feeds, a means of holding and moving the work, and the rigidity needed for machining. Faced with unusual machining problems, the Versa-Mil offers many solutions either as a separate tool or combined with other machine tools and machinery already in the shop to create special machines. The Versa-Mil increases the capabilities of standard machines by doing secondary operations without changing setups. The Versa-Mil provides power to interchangeable attachments allowing the unit to be used on site to perform different machining operations on equipment being repaired or rebuilt. Where space is limited, as in a shop area, floor space is needed only for the lathe. Different sizes of the Versa-Mil unit are available for light, medium, and heavy machining. This chapter will be limited to the Series 31 (light machining unit). SAFETY PRECAUTIONS Safety in the shop area or around power equipment cannot be overemphasized. Each piece of equipment has safety procedures unique to that particular piece of equipment. Listed below are safety procedures that pertain to the Versa- Mil. Avoid dangerous environments. Do not use the Versa- Mil in damp or wet locations. Do not expose the Versa- Mil to rain. Keep visitors away from running equipment. Keep visitors a safe distance from the Versa-Mil while it is in operation. Store tools when not in use. Store or lock tools and equipment in the Versa-Mil cabinet. Do not force the equipment. The Versa-Mil will do the job better and safer at the rate for which it was designed. Wear proper apparel. Keep shirt sleeves above the elbow . Remove ID tags, watches, rings, and any other jewelry when working around the Versa-Mil. Use safety glasses. Wear safety glasses when operating any type of machine shop equipment....
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11 - Chapter 9 - TC 9-524 Chapter 9...

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