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Computer Lab Standards - Mech 2 Computer Lab Guidelines The...

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Mech 2 Computer Lab Guidelines The following guidelines apply to all computer labs in Mech 2. For most of MECH 221, 222, and 223, you will complete one computer lab per week. Software The computer labs use MATLAB (MECH 221 and MECH 222), Unigraphics NX2 (MECH 223), and CES Material Selection Software (MECH 223). All labs are held in the PACE lab (CS x060). Students can also access MATLAB, as well as other common software packages, in the Microlab. The Microlab is open extended hours and has a printer (see for Microlab details.) Missed Computer Labs You must complete all computer labs. If you are absent during the assigned lab period, you must still complete the lab by the original deadline. TA support is provided only during assigned lab periods. Lab Groups You will complete each MECH 221 and MECH 222 lab with a single partner of your choosing – you will keep the same partner (you may have different partners in MECH 221 and MECH 222. MECH 223 labs will be completed with your assigned project group. For MECH 221 and MECH 222, please see the TA at the beginning of class if you do not have a partner. Computer Lab Structure Before You Arrive Before you arrive to the computer lab, you should review the lab materials posted on Vista. The materials are posted by week to the appropriate course page on Vista. Most MECH 221 and 222 computer labs have prelab exercises that you must complete prior to coming to the lab. These exercises are due at the start of the lab period and will be
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Computer Lab Standards - Mech 2 Computer Lab Guidelines The...

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