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BIS 2B Lecture1-5StudyQuestions2010 - Study Questions for...

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Study Questions for Lectures 1-5, BIS 2B, Spring 2010 Here are some study questions for lectures 1-5, including Discussions 1 and 2. While these are not meant to be exhaustive they should give you some sense of what topics we felt are particularly important from these lectures and that you ought to understand before the first exam. 1. Give 2 definitions of “species” and explain the strengths and weaknesses of each definition. 2. Which of the following orders the levels of biodiversity from one that encompasses the MOST variation in organismal characteristics to one that encompasses the LEAST amount of variation? (a) species, genetic, functional group (b) species, genetic, phenotypic (c ) functional group, ecosystem, species (d) species, functional group, ecosystem 3. Compare and contrast the following terms: species richness, species evenness, and species diversity. 4. What would be the effect on an ecological community’s species diversity of tripling the number of individuals of the most common species? A. Species diversity would decrease B. Species diversity would increase C. Species richness would increase D. Species diversity would not change E. You cannot tell from the information provided 5. The world’s deserts are located at A. The equator B. 10° N and S latitude C. 30° N and S latitude D. Only in the northern hemisphere E. On the windward side of mountains 6. Explain what generates the climatic conditions that favor the development of
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BIS 2B Lecture1-5StudyQuestions2010 - Study Questions for...

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