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Study questions on predation and competition 1. What are the different types of interspecific interactions and briefly define each in terms of the effect of each species on the other. 2. Give two examples of a predator keeping its prey population below its carrying capacity. Describe how you know that the prey is below its carrying capacity in each instance? 3. In the lynx-hare example we discussed in class, explain how changes in predator abundance over time is both a cause and a consequence of the abundance of prey. You need not be able to reproduce the equations, but you should be able to take a graph of predator and prey abundance and explain carefully what causes each population to go up or down in size over time. 4. How does the presence of a refuge for the prey affect the population dynamics of both predator and prey? 5. What is a functional response? What are the three types of functional responses? What are the consequences of each of these for the dynamics of prey populations? 6.What is the competitive exclusion principle?
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