Homophobia a weapon of sexism

Homophobia a weapon of sexism - 480 Revisioning the Future...

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480 Revisioning the Future PhmlHomophobia as a Weapon of Sexism 481 Setting New Examples Despite the pressures on men to display their masculinity in traditional ways, there are examples of men and boys who are changing. "Fatheringn is one example of a positive change. In recent years, there has been a popular emphasis on child-care activities, with men becoming more involved in providing care to children, both professionally and as fathers. This is a clear shift from the more traditional view that child rearing should be delegated to women and is not an appropriate activity for men. For all of the male resistance it has generated, the Women's Liberation Move- ment has at least provided a stimulus for some men to accept women as equal part- ners in most areas of life. These are the men who have chosen to learn and grow from women's experiences and together with women are creating new norms for relationships. Popular literature and research on male sex roles is expanding, re- flecting a wider interest in masculinity. Weekly news magazines such as Time and Navswoek have run major stories on the "new masculinity," suggesting that positive changes are taking place in the home and,in the workplace. Small groups of men scattered around the country have organized against pornography, battering, and sexual assault. Finally there is the National Organization for Changing Men which
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Homophobia a weapon of sexism - 480 Revisioning the Future...

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