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Important Revision to the Course Overview Revised version of the section titled Lab Exam in the Course Overview: On Wednesday, December 2 from 5-6 PM there will be a laboratory exam. The exam will focus on the material covered in lecture and on all three worksheets. This exam MUST be taken AND a score of 10 points must be obtained in order to complete the class. That is, if you score less than 10 points on the exam, you will receive an incomplete in the class regardless of how many total points you have accumulated.
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Unformatted text preview: The incomplete will need to be satisfied within two semesters by taking the lab exam offered in Chemistry 3AL in either Spring or Summer of 2010. A score of ≥ 10 points will warrant completion of the course. Until the incomplete grade is satisfied, you will not be allowed to take Chemistry 3BL. Note: If you already have three zero’s in the course, you do not need to take the lab exam as you have already failed the course....
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