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NET3001 Fall 10 Assignment 4 Due : Oct 28, 6pm Submitting : Use the submit.exe program. The files should be named assign41.c assign42.c You may include other files as well, if you have build libraries. Your library should include the *.c file and the matching *.h file. Overview: We are going to write some code to implement a controller for operating a combination lock. A classic high-school locker combination lock is operated by spinning a single wheel to 3 consecutive numbers, using a specific pattern. If the correct pattern and numbers are used, the lock will open. For example, if the numbers range from 0. ..11, and the lock sequence is 4,5,6, then the following operation will open the lock: spin the dial two full turns clockwise, then continue to the digit 4 (first digit) spin the dial counterclockwise, one complete revolution, passing the 4; continue to the 5 (2 nd digit) spin the dial clockwise, until you reach the 6 (3 rd digit) Part 1 of this assignment will simulate a machine that tests combination locks. Part 2 is a game, based on the same idea; it uses almost all the same code. All the code should be written in C and built to run on the MTS board. Use interrupt techniques for managing the time. You may use interrupt techniques for the keyboard (optional). Use the motor library you developed in lab 6. Part 1 Electronic Lock Tester (15 marks, assign41.c) The system operates as follows: at the beginning of a test sequence, the user adjusts the arrow on the stepper motor to point straight up (12 o'clock, 0 in our number system) the user then hits the “code” button and enters 3 digits, from 0 to 11 the system then pauses for 1 second the stepper motor begins to spin in the pattern required to operate the combination lock; the system issues a beep and a short pause when the stepper motor reaches each target number Write the code to implement this system. Arrange for the system to continuously repeat the 0 11 1 10 2 9 3 8 4 7 5 6
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above sequence. Stepper Control As you have discovered, the stepper motor has 20 steps per revolution. But this project requires 12 positions on the circle. How do we decide how many steps are required to get to each target?
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assign4 - NET3001 Fall 10 Assignment 4 Due Oct 28 6pm...

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