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Grant Writer Job Description - ISKASH*TAA GRANT WRITER...

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ISKASH*TAA GRANT WRITER Description : A team of entrepreneurs with expertise in Plant Sciences is exploring new technologies to molecularly diagnose and identify exotic and emergent homopteran pests and vectors. The problem stems from an unprecedented and upsurge in certain types of pests (whitefly, aphids, mealybugs) that are vectors of emergent viruses and vascular-limited bacteria. The intern will assist in the development of a feasibility study to analyze the commercial vialibity of techonology used to combat the virus carrying pests. The technology will provide some of the following benefits: Development of virus and vector databases Establish high throughput molecular approaches to type virus and vector populations Create GIS information about samples, together with the results of molecular typing that can be further developed to provide epidemiological insights Utilize informative datasets to answer research questions Link evolutionary histories of vector-borne plant pathogens with molecular epidemiology using
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This note was uploaded on 10/26/2010 for the course CHEMISTRY ChM560 taught by Professor Bates during the Spring '10 term at Aarhus Universitet.

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Grant Writer Job Description - ISKASH*TAA GRANT WRITER...

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