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% Adam Edison Section 7 Homework problem 5 for an iterative equation. clear all x_old = 0.01; %initialize the x_old value, used the initial condition x_new = 1000; %initialized the x_new value x_out(1) = 0.01; %calculated of x_out for i=0 i_out(1) = 0; %first value of i_out
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Unformatted text preview: for i = 1:100 x_new = 1 + (11 / (x_old +3));%computed the new value for x i_out(i+1) = i; %stored the value of i x_out(i+1) = x_new; %store the value of x x_old = x_new;%puts the new x as the old for the next iteration end plot(i_out,x_out)...
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