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Let's assume you are conducting an experiment to determine the effect of a new drug on the incidence of epileptic seizures. You select 20 epileptics from the 150 epileptics being treated at a nearby hospital and administer the drug to them. You record the number of seizures in each of the 20 subjects for one month. 1. The new drug is an example of a(n) independent variable 2. The number of seizures for each subject is an example of a(n) dependent variable 3. The 20 subjects constitute a sample 4. The 150 epileptics constitute a population 5. The number of seizures for each of the 20 subjects are called data 6. The number of seizures for each of the 150 epileptics are called data 7. The average (mean) number of seizures for the 20 subjects is called a statistic 8. The average (mean) number of seizures for the 150 epileptics would be called a parameter
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Unformatted text preview: 9. The variable that the experimenter manipulates is called the independent variable 10. In acquiring knowledge the method that employs logic, reasoning and objective assessment is referred to as scientific method 11. In inferential statistics the object is usually to generalize from a sample to a population 12. To avoid unknown, systematic factors that may bias the results of an experiment, the experimenter should select a random sample from a population and use controlled conditions. 13. Descriptive statistics are helpful in summarizing and characterizing raw data. 14. A statistic is defined as a number calculated on sample data that quantifies a characteristic of the sample 15. The dependent variable in an experiment is defined as the variable the experimenter measures to determine if there is a real effect...
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