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36 - The closest station’s raypath is going to exit...

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20:35 Key to Understanding Focal Mechanisms—What we are interested is  up and  down motion Interested in all of these stations geographically around the EQ, pattern of up or  down from the first p-wave Close-in station-what we are interested is the point in the lower hemisphere  where that raypath goes through the bowl Where the ray exits, where does it plot? Almost at the edge
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Unformatted text preview: The closest station’s raypath is going to exit further away from the center Distant Earthquake, first raypath, fastest route is the one that goes really deep, path is going to be straight down, exit the focal sphere almost in the middle DIAGRAM 1 Reverse Fault Earthquake DIAGRAM 2 – Like Lab with beach balls Reverse Fault Eq DIAGRAM 3 20:35 20:35...
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  • Fault Eq DIAGRAM, Fault Earthquake DIAGRAM, Understanding Focal Mechanisms—What, center Distant Earthquake

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