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Doctor Faustus: 21/10/2010 09:53:00 Real man (Faust) accused of witchcraft. Faustus plays on tradition. Weighty matters of books: literature – knowledge – reality. Symbols: Blood: congealing symbolizes his body’s revolt against his intentions. The Bible in Renaissance times was important, had another Book of Nature, the universe is proof of God’s divinity – the physical world is testimony to belief in God. Faustus looks to the heavens and sees that he’s damned. Lots of controversy – how reliable was the Book of Nature? Philosophical Debates: ‘Book’ appears 48 times – almost as much as ‘devil’. Faustus temped by book – weight, role…proof of wisdom/seduction towards evil?
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Unformatted text preview: Knowledge of power. ← Books very valuable – magicians give up books – interesting link. ← Renaissance focus on individual classical learning – skepticism of the limits of knowledge. ← Makes fun of Catholics via Latin – England was Protestant. ← Marlowe wants to be remembered alongside Greek predecessors: “I will be Paris.” ← Kisses a spirit from hell taking the form of Helen – “Tis a demon.” ← Means of a distraction to Faustus. ← Dramatic technique of the clock: Faustus in a moral black hole – we know time is progressing. ← Chorus: theatrical work, association with Classics, emphasis on fiction. ←...
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