Lecture Notes - Lit in Time 3

Lecture Notes - Lit in Time 3 - Ideal of marshal combat in...

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Beginnings : 10/10/2010 13:59:00 Where is the meaning? What is the function? Originality? Ephitext – bits of text that go around the edges of text, ie, the title. The Big Sleep: Flat, distinctive style – generic expectations * Chain of imager of the detective as chivalrous. Function? Part of Steinwood’s pretentions to dynastic grandeur. Idea of Marlowe as a knight errant – juxtaposition of medieval knights.
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Unformatted text preview: Ideal of marshal combat in the service of Christian values. Each beginning is supplanted by a different origin hall of mirrors. Perpetuating something thats happened before. Beginnings are the second helping. Intertextual unfolding revisionist relationship to the book. No text begins. It takes on from a previous text....
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