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21/10/2010 10:06:00 Not a text as a single entity. Playhouses were a new development. Inns took travelling dramatists. Doctor Faustus has been performed at the Bel Savage Inn. Puritan unpopularity plans: based on deceit. The Rose theatre – Faustus also performed here. 2 nd most popular play in 1590s (the Spanish tragedy was 1 st ). 1 st theatre built on the South of the Thames. 1602: Doctor Faustus rewritten. The Fortune theatre moved location – moved with the times. All theatres outside city walls – not under license, liberty to perform freely and provide entertainment. Puritans felt theatre was outside the law. Clothing – obvious signifier of social hierarchy, actors came under scrutiny, effectively broke the laws to portray characters. Inns, taverns, theatres, leper houses and brothels. Interconnected networks of playwrights.
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Unformatted text preview: ← Bubonic plague – authorities sought to close theatres down because of the spread of disease – crowded theatres. ← RESEARCH: Criticism of the plague in Doctor Faustus . ← Doctor Faustus has challenges and difficulties; stage directions weren’t in the original – do we need to be told, when its outlined in the dialogue, commentary of his actions through dialogue? ← All the stage directions we need are in the dialogue. ← Dramatists spent more on props and clothing than on scripts. ← Mixes effect and affect. (Faustus) ← RESEARCH: Philip Henslow (The Rose) ← The Admiral’s Men – prestigious play troupe. ← Modern ideas of ‘copyright’ didn’t exist then. ← A-text: Admiral’s Men moved on - paid for versions and performances texts. ← Determinant – “Faustus be damned” – Calvinistic aspect....
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